Black Creator Spotlight

Black Creator Spotlight

For the next few blog posts, I will be using my platform to share the spotlight with other Black creators. This week, we have a selection of 10 talented Black folk to talk about! 


Dark Crystal Moon Jewelry (

"My name is Enrique, I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana and I specialize in jewelry. Bracelets are my specialty but I also do necklaces, apparel, home items, crystals, and more."

Noel (

"My name's Noel and I'm a Black artist who paints abstract landscapes! I sell my original work and prints of it. I also do commissions, just shoot me a message ( I usually paint seascapes but I'm down to paint other landscapes. I'm also a law student so when I'm not doing art, I'm studying for my law classes"

Shaylin Wallace (

"Hey, my name is Shaylin Wallace and I'm a 21 year old surreal artist based in Washington, Delaware. I take free stock images and manipulate them in Adobe Photoshop. I consider my style to be surreal, yet very minimalistic at the same time. My artwork is a reflection of my imagination as well as the deeper parts of myself that I cannot put into words. I love to create artwork for myself and for others."

 Chris (

"Hi, I'm Chris, the founder and owner of GEMnis, a boho jewelry line. I am 17 and a senior in high school. I am a creative gemini who likes making jewelry inspired by Black womxn! My goal is for each piece of jewelry to feel unique and timeless.”

 Brighid (Twitter: @geminis_designs)


"My name is Brighid and I am in school to be a vet. I create acrylic paintings, sketches, animal portraits, nude portraits, resin artworks, and fluid art! Currently only taking orders through (Twitter) dms!

 Tshepo Nalane (

"My name is Tshepo Nalane aka Rick Lane, I'm 22 years old and from South Africa. I'm an artist and psychology student, I love making oil paintings when I find the time."

 Trevell Cooks
(Twitter: @trevellcooks)

"Hi, my name is Trevell Cooks and I'm a 19 year old artist and photographer. I shoot nature and other things on the street that catch my attention. I hand sew other materials on jeans, tote bags, etc."

 Amala (

"My name is Amala, I'm 18. I'm a freshman at Loyola. I just launched my etsy shop (Chukwus Apple). I'm trying to find exposure and customers. 

Instagram and Facebook: @chukwusapple

 Jacqui Moore (

"Hey, my name is Jacqui Moore, also known as Jmoe. I'm from Gary,Indiana and currently live in Indianapolis, IN. I atended Indiana University Bloomington before moving to Indianapolis where i received my Bachelor's degree in speech and hearing science with a concentration in audiology. I'm currently a developmental therapist of communication working with children 0-3 to achieve htheir developmental milestones focusing on their communication skills. I've been painting consistently and taking art more seriously for a year and my work is currently in 17 states and 2 countries."

Cam (

“I’m Cam, a digital artist from Dallas, Texas! i’ve been doing art seriously for about a year and i primarily work in procreate on my little beat up ipad mini. i’m working on various things but soon i’ll be a third of the way through with my 9 piece collection titled: the end of america. i’ve been trying to find a consistent style but overall i make things that have one foot in surrealism and the other in more grounded ideas. but yea! hopefully in a year i’ll have something more substantial to call my best work but i’m very proud of my progress in this short time! “


If you are a Black creator of any medium and would like your work to be featured in one of the upcoming posts, feel free to reach out to me at <3
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