Black woman in scarf holding cut off hair

I Finally Did It | 2023 | Felt on canvas 

Mixed media portrait of Black woman with afro puff and braid

I Got A Colorful Aura | 2022 | Felt and plastic beads on canvas 



Picture Day | 2021 | Oil paint on canvas 



Woman walking by a grocery store

Working Woman | 2021 | Oil paint on canvas



Portrait of a fairskinned Black woman with blue hair

VANESSA | 2020 | Oil paint on canvas 



Red mixed media collage with the NY Yankees logo inside a blue heart

I ❤️ NY | 2020 | Cotton tshirt strips on canvas 



Portrait of Solange Knowles in a garden full of butterflies, flowers, and greenery

A Seat in the Garden | 2019 | Acrylic on Canvas