Black Creator Spotlight II

Black Creator Spotlight II

We are back again with more creatives to support! In this article, we have another set of 10 talented individuals worthy of praise !

Kip $mithers (

“Kip $mithers. 22 year old artist from Maryland. I paint on just about anything I can get my hands on. I just want to make art that lasts forever 🙏🏽 “

John Edget (


“My name is John Edget from Grenada, Mississippi. I am a self taught Fashion Designer from Rural Mississippi. I fell in love with the unorthodox concepts of different streetwear designers and went all in behind figuring out what my true calling was on Earth. The different occurrences in life gave me true motivation. The way I could manage to pull myself out of different situations pushed me to create “ Divine Lotus “, where as the Lotus flower is the symbol of everyone because it can come from a place of suffering into the light. It’s a brand that gives off color & difference to always be pure, peaceful & be beautiful as we all are. I hope to one day inspire and change lives through my brand & to be able to one day invest into all communities and be the best role model to other children that don’t see fashion as a way out or a way to change their circumstances.“

Therian Williams (

“I am a makeup artist & waxer from the Westside of Chicago. I have been a certified makeup artist since 2017. I specialize in natural glams, HD makeup, and photoshoot makeup. I am also a painter some people know me from my “Truest” art exhibit at 345 Art Gallery. My love for art started as a child and it inspires me to keep designing my future, as I see fit.”

Dean “Sneak” Nelson              (Twitter: @Dcs_Sneak)

“Dean “Sneak” Nelson. I am a graphic artist/illustrator self taught. The basis of most of my work is “Drawcoolshit” meaning a mixture of my favorite styles and childhood memories”

T. McGuire (Twitter: @the_mcguire)


Hey! I'm @the_mcguire trying to fill your mask needs one mask, one face at a time. I've been sewing off and on since high school. My main projects were usually sundresses or shorts for my kids. It was my daughter's idea for me to start sewing again and making masks during the pandemic after she realized I was making so many for her and other family members. What started as a a few masks here and there for family has evolved into a budding business thanks to the wonderful people of Twitter!!

Kaylah Monece

(Twitter: @kayymonece)


“Greetings!! I’m Kayy! I am an extremely artsy individual and I’m just fascinated by pretty much anything that has to do with art!! As of now I’ve really been focusing on practicing anatomy of the human body and also nature which I find gives me a certain level of peace! I’m so excited to learn more and also connect and network with other artist!!🥰🙏🏾“ 

Qween (

“Hey, I’m Qween (iamqweenstorm) a digital artist from Houston, Tx who specializes in spiritual creativity. The best way to describe my art is pure authentic classics mixed with 70s aesthetics that showcases the beauty of black lives. I am more than honored show my art to the world by honor the beauty of brown skin and creative art techniques.”

PG Picasso (

“My name is PG Picasso. I am 19 years old. I’m a PG county, Maryland native but I reside in Queens, NYC. I specialize in oil painting, but I can acrylic paint, graphic design/illustrate, and edit videos.“

Miles Jones

(Twitter: @TheMilesMalik)

“I'm a 24 year old self taught artist from Atlanta based in Houston. I'm a financial advisor and I work in marketing and promotions for film and television. In the future I plan to have established a black owned media production company that gives opportunities to and makes efforts for people of color.”

Asha (


“A crafts-woman of artisan hemp Tisane by day, and a fun-loving stay-home wife by night, I am savoring every flavor Planet Earth has to offer. To live the greenest, rawest, sweetest life I can is paradise. While I strive, I create art with color, with words, and sometimes, with colorful words. Sit at my table and enjoy both. Visit The Nora Republic website to view my latest curation: Passage Rite at”

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