Support Black Businesses!

Support Black Businesses!

African Americans have tremendous buying power; in 2019, our combined buying power was over $3 trillion dollars! Unfortunately, most of this money does not stay in our communities for very long. Recent studies have shown that the Black dollar only stays within the Black community for 6 hours! As a community, it is our job to fix this. We are the only support system we have! Now, more than ever, is a perfect time to start changing our buying habits and shopping BLACK! In this blog post, I will share with you 4 Black businesses that I supported and recommend you to support, as well. It is important that we uplift each other. There is room enough for us all to succeed! 

As we prepare for the nationwide “Black out” on July 7th, I would like to share a few Black owned businesses worthy of your support! 

Carrots by Anwar Carrots

Carrots is a streetwear brand known for its unique and quirky carrot logo. The brand's merchandise ranges from tees, hoodies, and shorts, to accessories such as hats, bags, and even face masks!



Atira Lyons 

Atira Lyons is credited with the innovation of the velvet durag. Her most notable products are the velvet headwear for men, women, and children. She also produces luxury swimwear and is opening her first shop on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles!



Anime inspired streetwear brand specializing in tees, hoodies, and even rugs featuring anime characters.

Alter Planning Co.

Luxurious daily planners, digital downloads, and more.

More resources...  is noted as the LARGEST marketplace for Black owned businesses. They are representative of a wide variety of items from household supplies to clothing, making your transition to supporting more Black businesses easier than ever! 
We must not forget, though, that money is not the only way we can support each other as a community! We have to create safe spaces for each other, respect each other, uplift each other, and do any other mental and emotional work that will cause us to elevate as a community. Together is the only way through.
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